Deposit, Invest, or Donate your loose change in real time.

Koinage makes shopping with cash and collecting your loose change SIMPLE, SMOOTH, and EASY. We transform your loose change into a world of POSSIBILITIES. Whether it's change from a cash transaction, or the change quietly accumulating in your jar at home, our innovative platform puts the power in your hands.

SEAMLESSLY convert your loose change into a myriad of opportunities, from smart micro-investments and  the support of micro-lending initiatives to secure money transfers, to impactful charitable donations, or even direct deposits into your bank account or card of choice.

With Koinage, every bit of change becomes a pathway to meaningful actions and financial empowerment!

SAY GOODBYE to the hassle of collecting and carrying  change while shopping.


Constantly dealing with and processing change can be frustrating and expensive for Merchants. With Koinage you eliminate the need to handle change by electronically paying your customers the correct change through a simple QR-Code scan and digital transaction.


Shoppers should not spend valuable time counting loose change or awkwardly asking for change. Koinage provides a convenient way to receive change through a simple electronic transaction. Simply scan your unique QR-Code on your Koinage app to receive your change electronically, and carry on with your day.

Yes!! The ease of managing loose change is possible today.

How it works

A simple peer-to-peer app and anytime you need your change you will receive it quickly and directly into your bank account.


All you need is an iOS or Android ready smart phone or tablet to download the Koinage® app and create your account. You will be assigned a unique QR code...

Make a cash purchase

You are likely to receive change when you make a cash purchase...

Scan QR code

Present your QR code to the merchant...

Leave with Your Change

Accept and leave with your change in the Koinage® app. You can either keep your change on the app, invest, donate, or connect to your bank, credit, debit, or prepaid card and transfer your change directly in seconds

Download Koinage today and gain value for all your loose change!

US Retail cash sales (2022)

Cash continues to be the mode of payment for the unbanked and underbanked population around the globe

Value of coins sitting in homes across the US

There is currently no viable best practice for collecting, conveying, or storing loose change

Investment Goal

You can participate in our crowdfunding effort through Wefunder


Frequently Asked Questions

Koinage is designed to be an intuitive and easy-to-use change-saver platform for merchants and customers! Still, have doubts? We collected our frequently asked questions in the following list for you, hoping that it will help! If you don't find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us!

How quickly can my balance be transferred to my card or bank account?
Why do I have two different figures for balance and funds available for withdrawal?
What is the maximum amount of loose change I can receive in my Koinage wallet?
Can I make purchases with my Koinage account?
How can I locate merchants that offer Koinage service?
Get started today and keep your change.
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